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Rose Ann is a very special, dedicated, caring therapist. It is such a pleasure working with her; knowing that she will do everything possible to help you get well. 

Ann W.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"This is the best and most professional therapy place". 

This group has an all around WONDERFUL presentation and treatment option. I would definitely come back if so needed!

Jamie G. 

West Palm Beach , FL

"Passionate and insightful instruction on how to adapt and live with vestibular disorders". 

"After a stroke, my life was given back to me by Rose Ann. Again, I began falling and suffered a serious wound. The neurologist ordered Sensory Therapeutics once again. Words cannot express the gratitude I experienced once again as my life was restored. I would not have my balance and mobility if I had not returned for a "tune up". My plan is now to keep exercising and return once a year for another "tune up". How fortunate we are to have this restoring service in our community". 

Miriam W.

Jupiter, FL


Amazing support and Care! Thank you for helping me get my life back. 

Aaron J.

Jupiter, FL

"I had a very good experience. I actually looked forward to the sessions. My therapist always listened to my concerns and gave good advice. She explained my condition so that I could fully understand what was wrong". 

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